Nursery Hanging Blossom Branches Wall Sticker

Turn your nursery room into something special with these lovely nursery blossom branch wall vinyls, designed to fit a range of nursery room sizes. Each blossom branch will be supplied separately allowing you to create your own natural setting that best fits into your nursery room. Once combined together these branch stickers can give a recommended total width of up to 300cm or more depending on your spacing between each branch.

Each branch measures:
50 cm (W) x 49 cm (H) 
43 cm (W) x 68 cm (H)
35 cm (W) x 43 cm (H)
19 cm (W) x 31 cm (H)
14 cm (W) x 67 cm (H)
25 cm (W) x 80 cm (H) 
57 cm (W) x 41 cm (H)

Bird cage - 27 cm (W) x 56 cm (H)
Chain - 100 cm in length

You will receive;
7 x Branches
1 x Bird cage with chain  
3 x Birds
1 x Set of medium blossom
1 x Set of small blossom
1 x Set of assorted leafs

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