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Customer Photos!

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Bold Apps | 0 Comments

We love receiving photos of customers rocking their new wall stickers wether its a large printed wall graphic or a beautiful tree! Heres a few recent photos that have been sent in to us.

Wall Graphics
Planes Wall StickersWorld MapFlower DecalsTree Wall Sticker

Improve your space with custom logos and murals!

Posted on November 04, 2014 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

Branding your office space can be a great way of improving your brand density as well as visually improving your working environment. There are many ways in which you can visually improve your office workspace from logo wall decals to graphic murals.

Below you will find a short preview of some recent work carried out by ourselves!

We recently worked with Wildstone, the largest outdoor advertising consultancy agency in the UK. Wildstone came to us as they wanted to add the finishing touch to their exhibition stand by turning their logo into a wall decal. This was not a problem for us! We love this stuff! As you can see the logo looks great within their set up and really does give a great visual impact.

Decal Spec: Full colour digital print & decal cut finished in matte.

Secondly, we have a company called "MatrixAPA", experts in product design and sourcing on-trend products and clothing.
MatrixAPA came to us with a design that they wanted to turn into a huge wall mural at their London based office. Production started and soon after we were on our way with all our tools to install this typographic mural. The finish was striking especially with it being in the corridor, the first thing you see once you have walked through the MatrixAPA door. The feedback from everyone was amazing!

Decal Spec: Decal cut vinyl finished in matte.

And a few more!....

Decal Spec; Digitally printed full colour wall mural

Printed wall mural

Decal Spec; Digitally printed full colour wall mural & text finished in matte.

Office Graphics

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How To Apply A Wall Sticker

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Christopher Wiltshire | 2 Comments

Applying a wall sticker can sometimes seem like a hard task to undertake if you haven't applied one before. However, it is a relatively straight forward process if you take your time and plan out where your sticker is going to go.

Below we have applied a world map wall vinyl to a lined & painted wall using a simple method.

Firstly we began by laying out the world map wall sticker flat onto a table ready to peel the backing paper away from the design.

Here you can see the application tape with the vinyl being pulled away from the backing paper. For a more detailed design you can flip the wall sticker over with the design facing down and start to peel the plain white backing paper away from the application tape and vinyl.

Once all the application tape had been peeled away from the backing paper we were left with just the adhesive world map design on the application paper. The application paper is similar to a masking tape that will help transfer the design over onto your chosen surface.

This is the most important part, as you want to get your wall sticker level.

While holding the map against the wall by each top corner another member of our team was able to level up the world map using the line of the application tape. With this world map there isn't a straight level line in the design so we use the application tapes edge as a guide.
A small spirit level placed on top of the line will give you an idea of how level the sticker is. If you haven't got a spirit level around then simply ask someone to stand at a distance and tell you where the wall sticker should be placed.
Up..no down..up a little..

There is also a hinge technique that you can use which is especially helpful if you are applying large vinyls or applying them on your own. We will be detailing this method in a later blog post!

Once we found the level that we were happy with we then simply rubbed the application tape with our squeegee (you can use something like a credit card) to ensure all bubbles were out. Once all the design had been squeegeed against the wall we then moved on to the next step.

For the last step. we started by peeling away the application tape carefully and slowly making sure not to pull any design away from the wall.
If you do pull up a bit of vinyl simply push the application back down and give the bit of vinyl and extra rub until it is securely stuck to your chosen surface.

Once we had finished peeling away the application tape we were left with the world map fully applied to the wall!

Job done!

There are a few things to remember before applying your wall sticker to your wall;
- Ensure all surface is clean from dust.
- We recommend to wait 2-3 weeks before applying your wall sticker to a freshly painted wall - Paint vapours will cause the vinyl to bubble and peel.
- Make sure you have a camera on hand to send us a photo for your 25% code to use on your next purchase! :)

If you would like more information on applying your wall sticker then feel free to contact us at:

Chelsea Wall Sticker Frenzy!

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Christopher Wiltshire | 1 Comment

Last week we received a custom order for an infamous quote from Martin Tyler during the final minutes of the Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich, the game was finally won by a deciding penalty shoot out won by Chelsea's number 11, Drogba. Since this night Drogba has been named Chelsea's best footballer by the fans!
Ben loved the finished product and as a result decided to share a photo of it on his Twitter account, not realising how popular it would be! 
By the end of the day the picture had been re tweeted more than 300 times, favourited even more and had made it's way onto Facebook and Instagram!
It was amazing to see the response to our work and was even better when we saw people commenting on how great it looked and how well it was designed too! 
After replying to what felt like an endless amount of emails from people wanting to order their own wall sticker we finally got to work that night and after an incredibly long but very fulfilling week we are still busy keeping up with the orders still coming in!
It is still gaining popularity and they have made their way to places as far as the United Arab Emirates!
We hope all you Chelsea fans out there love your wall stickers and hope that every time you look at it it lets you relive the moment!

And to all you other football fans out there, keep your eyes peeled for some other famous football quotes which may be popping up soon!

Order your Chelsea sticker here!

Design Your Own Wall Quote!

Posted on June 12, 2013 by Christopher Wiltshire | 1 Comment

At Wallboss we love the challenge of designing wall quotes for you!

We have designed custom wall quotes for customers from all around the world, from small quotes to big quotes in a range of styles and colours.

Our process is pretty simple!

We listen to your requirements.
We give you an awesome quote.
We get creative with our Imac's.
We show you the designs.

You can change the design as many times as you like for free until you are 100% happy with the outcome!

Once approved we will then produce your wall vinyl and get it sent out to you in a secure tube fully applicated with installation instructions.

To get started with your custom wall quote contact us at:

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New Product - Doctor Who Tardis Wall Sticker!

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

Its here! Our new Dr Who Tardis wall sticker that has been designed to precision. A great addition to any room that is perfect for all Doctor Who fans!
Grab yours now and don't forget you can choose any colour from our colour chart!

Dandelion Wall Stickers

Posted on April 02, 2013 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

 At wallboss we are always creating new wall sticker designs to add to our collection! One of our latest wall stickers is our Dandelion wall decals, complete with 3 dandelions and lots of seperate head seeds allowing you to create your own focal point!

Pick any colour and direction to fit in with your decor.

To view our Dandelion wall stickers just click here