Chelsea Wall Sticker Frenzy!

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Christopher Wiltshire | 1 Comment

Last week we received a custom order for an infamous quote from Martin Tyler during the final minutes of the Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich, the game was finally won by a deciding penalty shoot out won by Chelsea's number 11, Drogba. Since this night Drogba has been named Chelsea's best footballer by the fans!
Ben loved the finished product and as a result decided to share a photo of it on his Twitter account, not realising how popular it would be! 
By the end of the day the picture had been re tweeted more than 300 times, favourited even more and had made it's way onto Facebook and Instagram!
It was amazing to see the response to our work and was even better when we saw people commenting on how great it looked and how well it was designed too! 
After replying to what felt like an endless amount of emails from people wanting to order their own wall sticker we finally got to work that night and after an incredibly long but very fulfilling week we are still busy keeping up with the orders still coming in!
It is still gaining popularity and they have made their way to places as far as the United Arab Emirates!
We hope all you Chelsea fans out there love your wall stickers and hope that every time you look at it it lets you relive the moment!

And to all you other football fans out there, keep your eyes peeled for some other famous football quotes which may be popping up soon!

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May 17, 2017

Hi Sir,

Is this wallpaper still available? How much it cost me? I’m from Malaysia.

Keep in touch!

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