A Hidden Beauty of Nursery and Kids Wall Stickers

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Choosing stickers for your child's nursery

Designing a space that nurtures your child's development

Whether you aspire to create a whimsical and fun nursery or one that’s the perfect balance of sleek, chic, and sweet, we will help you find the best stickers for a nursery to help bring your dream to life.

Even more importantly, as your baby grows into a toddler and child with his or her own mind, you can easily swap them out for kids wall stickers that give him or her the chance to showcase who they are and what they like.

If you’ve never considered adding Wallboss nursery wall stickers to your child’s bedroom, now is definitely the time to start. Here are a few reasons why:

 Image of a best-selling sticker collection for a kids nursery

best wall stickers for a nursery 

Wallboss has what you are looking for, even if you aren’t quite sure what that is

So, you know you want to transform your boring nursery into one that is eye-catching. Blossom trees that feature leaves scattered across your wall are particularly popular right now.

If you prefer a design that is a little less common, you can choose from everything from an adorable safari, vintage planes, cute dinosaurs, counting sheep, or flowers. And, if you are hoping to raise a future gamer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Wallboss’s game-themed wall stickers.

Maybe you are a big fan of sweet messages. If that’s the case, there are several to select from, including a few that may inspire them to follow their biggest dreams as they grow up. (If you dream of your baby travelling the world as he or she grows up, you may want to select the kids’ world map to help inspire their travels from a young age.

Of course, personalised wall stickers that help create a welcoming environment that your new baby can grow into are also available. If you are committed to keeping track of your child’s growth, Wallboss’s height measuring ruler will allow you to do just that.

Best of all, if you ever find yourself moving house, you don’t have to leave your memories behind. Just peel it off and take it with you.


There are so many choices

In addition to offering a wide selection of themes, you can also choose between different shapes, sizes, and colours. Currently, there are more than 48 colours to choose from, allowing you to easily match your sticker to your room decor. Colours range from a cheerful bright yellow to a calming light blue and a modern, sophisticated grey.

To ensure your colour combo works perfectly, you can request a free digital proof, allowing you to make sure you absolutely love it before you order it. (You will need to email your requests.)

Image of our popular Giraffe stickers collection

giraffe wall stickers are design for boys or girls aged 6 years and under

 Use the following link to view a gallery of our giraffe nursery wall stickers


Everything is made to order

All Wallboss wall stickers are made to order, using the highest-quality removable vinyl and eco-friendly inks. Many of the wall stickers are produced using a smooth polyester fabric that is resistant to tears, making it easy to move them anytime you wish.

All wall nursery and kids wall stickers are contour cut, using high precision machines.

Because all kids and nursery wall stickers are made to order, you have the ability to change or tweak a design until it is exactly what you are looking for. (You will need to email your requests.)


As your baby grows, wall stickers will allow him or her to showcase their creativity

Everyone knows that toddlers often have a mind of their own. Perhaps your son would rather his vintage planes fly upside down. Maybe your daughter would rather her woodland fox, raccoon, and hedgehogs hide among the tree branches instead of playing below it. He or she can easily reposition their wall stickers to create just the look they are going for.

You’ll appreciate how easily they can be removed and reapplied to the wall.

Wallboss also offers a chalkboard vinyl wall sticker, which is perfect if you are raising a child who simply can’t resist the temptation that often comes from a blank wall and marker or crayon.

Simply apply a chalkboard wall sticker to his or her bedroom wall (or your sitting room), give them a set of coloured chalk, and let them draw to their heart’s content.


Installation instructions are included, but additional support is available if needed

All nursery and kids wall stickers include instructions. However, if you run into any issues, Wallboss is available to help. If you are located anywhere within the UK, they even offer a professional service of installing your wall stickers.

Whether you are still expecting or your baby is already here, there is never a wrong time to add appropriate stickers to their room.

Use the following link and check out our range of giraffe nursery wall stickers made to order and delivered to your home

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