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Branding your office space can be a great way of improving your brand density as well as visually improving your working environment. There are many ways in which you can visually improve your office workspace from logo wall decals to graphic murals. Wallboss specialises in childrens spaces too and we offer some of the best wall stickers for a nursery, playroom and childrens bedroom.

Below you will find a short preview of some recent work carried out by ourselves!

We recently worked with Wildstone, the largest outdoor advertising consultancy agency in the UK. Wildstone came to us as they wanted to add the finishing touch to their exhibition stand by turning their logo into a wall decal. This was not a problem for us! We love this stuff! As you can see the logo looks great within their set up and really does give a great visual impact.

Decal Spec: Full colour digital print & decal cut finished in matte.

Secondly, we have a company called "MatrixAPA", experts in product design and sourcing on-trend products and clothing.
MatrixAPA came to us with a design that they wanted to turn into a huge wall mural at their London based office. Production started and soon after we were on our way with all our tools to install this typographic mural. The finish was striking especially with it being in the corridor, the first thing you see once you have walked through the MatrixAPA door. The feedback from everyone was amazing!

Decal Spec: Decal cut vinyl finished in matte.

And a few more!....

Decal Spec; Digitally printed full colour wall mural

Printed wall mural

Decal Spec; Digitally printed full colour wall mural & text finished in matte.

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