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Word Art for your home

Posted on February 12, 2013 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

Decorate your living space with our stylish range of designs featuring words and inspirational phrases.
Every week we will be adding new designs in a range of colours and sizes perfect for transforming dull looking walls or to simply create a focal point in your home!

Don't forget you can also create your own quotes to put on your walls, just click here

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Ready to plan your new year travels with our World Map Wall Sticker?

Posted on February 12, 2013 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

Start planning your new year trips with our new and popular world map sticker!

Our world map comes with 20 pointers allowing you to pin point any destination world wide! This map is also great for keeping track of all those places that you have visited!

Our world map wall sticker comes in 2 sizes:

Medium - 120cm(W) x 59cm(H)

Large - 213cm x 106cm(H) ( 7ft x 3.5ft )

Choose your own colours for the pins and the world map and away you go!

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The Benefits Of Using Wall Stickers.

Posted on January 09, 2013 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

Wall stickers to this day are becoming more popular within households and offices. 


- Wall stickers are mess-free, no paint, no paste, no residue.
- Wall stickers can create just about any theme you require in your room at an affordable price, much cheaper than hiring a painter!
- Wall stickers are easy and quick to remove and will not damage your paint allowing you to keep up with the latest trend or if you simply get bored of your design.  We recommend to use a bit of heat for best results.
- Wall stickers can be used on all smooth clean surfaces such as walls, glass and doors.
- Wall stickers are much safer than wallpapers as they can often contain toxic chemicals!
- Nature wall stickers are popular such as our birch trees, applying these will make you feel as if you are sitting in a natural outdoor setting!
- Branch, words and banksy wall stickers as well as other wall stickers will give a great contemporary feel to your room.
- Wall stickers can actually inspire and motivate you.
- Wall sticker decals can be made in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes, perfect for filling that awkward empty space in your room.

Thats just a few reasons as to why wall decals are the perfect solution for decorating your living space!

Wether you want to create a fun and exciting nursery for your kids room or simple want to fill an empty space in your room or add that finishing touch our wall vinyls are the perfect solution! Don't forget we also offer a bespoke design service if your feeling creative!

World Map Wall Stickers
Nature Wall Stickers
Childrens Wall Stickers
Words Wall Stickers
Office Branded Wall Stickers
Graphic & Icon Wall Stickers

Wall art made easy!

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Banksy Wall Stickers - Who Is Banksy?

Posted on December 29, 2012 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

Interested in our Banksy wall stickers but not quit sure who it is? 

Banksy is a england based graffiti artist with an unkown identity. Some consider Banksy to be the monst infamous street artist ever. 
Banksy displays most of his art on public surfaces such as walls and uses stencils to speed the process up, alot of Banksy's stencils feature powerful and humorous images often combined with slogans. The messages are usually based on anti-war, anti-capitalised and anti-establishment.

A few facts about Banksy and his graffiti:

- In 2006 a set of Katie Moss paintings sold for £50,000 in London.
- Christina Aguilera bought an original of queen victoria as a lesbian and two prints for £25,000.
- A stencil of Mona Lisa with real paint dripping from her eyes sold for £57,600
- Banksy's Bombing Middle England piece sold for £102,000
- A couple agreed that Banksy could use the side of their house as a canvas, that house which was bought for £1,000 11 years ago by the couple is now being sold for £500,000. They also received 2 Glastonbury Music Festival tickets.
- Banksy's Space Girl & Bird piece sold fo £288,000 in 2007

No one has been successful at tracking down Banksy to produce custom designed wall stickers for the home, however you can install one of our Banksy inspired wall stickers, our Banksy wall stickers never fail to provide a talking point in any home.

You can now appreciate Banksy's powerful messages in your very own home with our Banksy wall stickers. 

View the collection!

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Keep Calm And Carry On Wall Stickers.....We Stock Them!

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

 Keep Calm And Carry On

A propaganda poster that was first produced by the British government during the start of WWII aimed to raise the moral support in the event of a Nazi invasion of the UK. A few million posters were produced but was never actually displayed but then in the year 2000 Stuart Manley bought a box at an auction and to his suprise contained a Keep Calm And Carry On Poster, ever since then the design and slogan have become well known worldwide and still increasing in popularity! To Visit our Keep Calm And Carry On wall stickers click here

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FREE delivery on all our wall stickers within the UK!

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Christopher Wiltshire | 0 Comments

Yep! Up until Christmas we are offering FREE recorded delivery on all our wall stickers within the UK.

Order before the 19th of December to make sure you receive your wall decals in time for Christmas!

Welcome to Wallboss Uk Wall Stickers

Posted on November 14, 2012 by Shopify | 0 Comments

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